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Widgets To Boost your Productivity
FloatWidget is here to help enhancing your experience and saving your time
Browser Widget standalone
Experience seamless browsing without the hassle of switching between windows.
The Browser Widget provides quick access to your favorite sites right from your desktop, streamlining your workflow and keeping you focused.
Browser Widget sits in menubar
Accessing the web has never been easier.
With the Browser Widget conveniently located in your menubar, you can browse the internet effortlessly without disrupting your current tasks. Stay connected and informed with just a click.
Image Widget
Immerse yourself in visual inspiration or reference material with the Image Widget.
Effortlessly drag and drop images to keep them readily accessible, perfect for design projects, mood boards, or personal motivation.
Clock Widget
Stay on schedule and track time effectively with the Clock Widget.
Whether you're managing deadlines or simply staying mindful of the time, this widget ensures you're always in control of your day.
Camera Widget
Capture moments instantly with the Camera Widget.
Seamlessly integrated with your Mac, this widget allows you to snap photos or record videos without leaving your current application, making documentation and visual communication a breeze.
Countdown Days Widget
Count down to important events and deadlines with the Countdown Days Widget.
Stay motivated and organized as you track milestones and anticipate upcoming tasks or celebrations.
StickyNote Widget
Never forget important thoughts or reminders again.
The StickyNote Widget keeps your notes visible and easily accessible, allowing you to jot down ideas, to-dos, or quick memos without interrupting your workflow.
Web Clip Widget
While OSX remove it, we bring it back to you.
Widgets To Customize Your Mac Experience
Personalize your desktop with our stylish widgets
The Roadmap. We are just getting start
Here comes the FloatWidget roadmap, we are still on the way to make it out.
Last update: 2024-04-20
V0.1x Released in March, 2024 (Apr 10, 2024)
1. WidgetCamera Widgetdone
2. WidgetNote Widgetdone
3. WidgetBrowser Widgetdone
4. WidgetClock Widgetdone
5. WidgetCountdown Days Widgetdone
6. WidgetImage Widgetdone
7. WidgetWeb clip Widgetdone
8. WidgetEmoji Widgetdone
V0.4 Released in March, 2024 (Apr 20, 2024)
1. UXYou could create widget via hotkey now
V0.5 Will be Released in March, 2024
1. UXUX Improvement
2. WidgetNote Widget improvement. You could search note and view your note list
1. CoreWidget system. Users could create new widget using web technology.
1. WidgetSwitch Widget
2. WidgetLauncher Widget. Click to launch app, web, files.
3. WallpaperWallpaper supported
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